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Sports in eXtended Reality

Introduction - AR and VR

Today we often talk about #eXtendedReality technologies that is a general category to refer to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

In particular Augmented Reality (or #AR) and Virtual Reality (or #VR) which undoubtedly are rapidly growing and the sectors to which these technologies are applicable, differents.

AR is a technology that allows you to have a better perception of reality. Some examples can help us to see the potential of this technology like helping to drive a vehicle or being able to notice obstacles not visible in a normal way.

All of us don't forget the planetary success that the #Pokemon hunt has had with Pokemon GO.

Virtual reality is a tecnology based on the dissociation between reality and virtual because anyone who experiences games or products in a totally virtual environment. #Oculus are examples of #VR.

This article is dedicated to these technologies in the Sport!

A category of NFT dedicated to Sport is available on Sgozz

Sports et AR | VR

There is a clear synergy between the nature of augmented reality and the dynamic nature of the sport sector.

Today AR is applied in two main directions: the first supports professional sports while, on the contrary, the second benefits sports #experience.

There is an increasing demand to live the antecedent and subsequent parts, in addition to the live sporting event.

Some of these technologies are commonly used, like Hawk-eye in #Tennis which allows to establish when the ball is on the court or not and to view its trajectory (also used in #volleyball and #football).

In this case, the professionals in the sector benefit from it, but there are other cases in which these technologies are used to improve the Fan Experience.

The big football clubs with the help of these innovations are moving exactly in this perspective, reducing the physical distance between fans and players.

We can think of the #Juventus case, which, in agreement with #Samsung, created Juventus VR in which fans can immerse at 360 degrees in the Juventus World.

They can take pictures with their favorites players in everyday situations like during a training session, the celebration of a win in the locker room or relive goals from different perspectives.

Another famous example is the german club, #BayernMunich, which created an app where fans from all over the world could take pictures with players that they want, in AR.

Finally, the last case is Stargraph's “Augmented Serie A”, a project which has created a great symbiosis between fans and football teams.

With this project you will know all the news and statistics of your team in a different and more #interactive way.

Because framing the logos of one of the 20 Serie A clubs, you will see videos and images of your favorite team, projected on the walls (the story told with a different point of view).

SgozzVerse & Sports

In the SgozzVerse, Augmented Reality joins the #NFTs.

This, because within the application all users can see both GeoPost and NFTs in AR!

In addition, in the NFT Discover page, users will be able to find many #collections and single NFTs.

Among the different NFT Collections, in the app there is one dedicated entirely to the different Sports.

It is one of our five thematic categories connected to NFTs.

SgozzVerse - Discover all the very rare NFTs related to the champions of your favorite sports.

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