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9 reasons why NFTs cost so much!

Introduction to the Question

The #NFT market, after the 2021 boom, is growing strongly and above all there are endless examples of use even in significantly different sectors, from #gaming, sports, art and many others.

The doubt that many people are concerned with is whether entering this world can be too expensive, especially with regard to the gas fees, necessary to make the network works.

The first time your wallet interacts with the #Ethereum Blockchain to perform one of the actions that require the payment of a fee, it is necessary to pay a One-time fee, of variable amount.

In addition, it is necessary to pay the Recurring fees every time the user takes an action that requires it.

However, regardless of the gas fee discourse, there are several points in favor of the Blockchain and NFTs.

But let's see the advantages to choose this market!

Why choose to invest in the NFT Market

Despite these reasons, the NFT market remains profitable and constantly evolving.

In particular, here are some reasons why it is advantageous to enter in this market:

  • The first and simple reason is that once you have completed this access operation to Ethereum or #WETH, you will be free to operate on the network, and taking into account both the gas price and the time slots where the network is freer, you can make the very low subsequent fees, often cents.

  • Another important advantage is the fact that there are many operations that the user can do without having to pay gas fees, such as creating NFTs and #Collections or putting them up for sale. This is a very important aspect as a user could publish a very large collection of #Tokens, and if this is liked by collectors, he can earn important figures from the sale, in two ways.

He would earn both from the sale price of the NFT, and on subsequent Royalties;

  • #Royalties give the creator of the NFT a percentage of the sale price of the work for all subsequent sales. This is done automatically by Smart Contracts. The percentage of Royalties for the Creator is the so-called Passive income;

  • Continuing, the NFT in addition to the aesthetic value, one of their basic characteristics is to grant a right to the owner. Today, there are several realities that take advantage of this possibility to create original solutions such as the possibility of accessing a concert, an event, a dinner or the purchase of various types of objects. And we must not underestimate how some of these tokens can also represent buildings or plots of virtual land, and that we are already thinking of making them rentable.

NFTs in the SgozzVerse

With the launch of the last version of the SgozzVerse, NFTs have become the absolute protagonists.

Here are some of the features and possibilities of our AR Ecosystem connected to the NFT world:

  • In app, there is the NFT Discover page where users can buy and sell these virtual assets. Also in the SgozzVerse, there is the possibility to gain Royalties from your NFTs.

  • Futhermore, you will be able to view NFTs in Augmented Reality using Image Tracking, Face Tracking or Markerless. As use-cases there is the possibility of creating your own virtual Art Gallery, with NFTs such as Artworks (Image tracking with a Marker), the visualization of an NFT with a 3D Model that comes to life in front of you (Markerless), create a fusion with a 3D Model on the user's face (Face Tracking without a Marker).

The visualization in AR is free!

  • In addition, you can take advantage of both the means we provide you for free or some of the paid services, such as Boost, so that your NFTs receive greater visibility with the use of Augmented Reality.

  • In the end there is the publication of a #GeoPost in a point of your city where there is a greater turnout, so that other Sgozzers can see it with the #GeoCamera. This feature is completely free! It is perfect if you want to launch your own collection of NFTs or a single work, taking advantage of the places in your city with greater visibility.

Live an immesive experience with your NFTs, entering in the SgozzVerse #eXtendYourLife

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