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Blur the lines between Physical and Digital Worlds

Experience Augmented Reality (AR) by creating a connection between the physical and digital world. Join the Sgozzer community to participate in Scenes and Games in AR! Enter now!


Do you want to explore a world of games, scenes and experiences in Augmented Reality?

AR Experience of Napoli Champion

Business Services

We create augmented reality Web Apps tailored to your business and products!

AR experience starting from €2,000 with subscription included.

Unleash Your Creativity with Our AR Functionalities!

In the universe of Sgozz, Users can explore the Augmented Reality with free features like Face Tracking, Image Tracking, Plane Detection, and GeoPost!


It is not new that NFTs have been used as PFPs. Now you can create content with your favorite PFPs.
Any NFT that is in .glb or .gltf format can be used for face tracking. Adjust the size of the model with your fingers!


Image tracking allows you to view your NFTs in AR when a particular image is framed. Any image, photo, drawing can be transformed into an anchor for virtual assets, these anchors are called Markers.

You can set any NFT with .jpeg, .png, .glb, .gltf or even .mp4 format


Recognize the flat surfaces around you and position your NFT in 3D format. This feature is only available for NFTs in .glb and .gltf format. But it allows you to place your virtual asset in the real world!


Share a GeoPost indicating the GPS coordinates. When you or a friend is within a radius of 100 meters from the coordinates of the post's coordinates, you can view it in AR simply by opening the GeoCamera!
Share your NFTs with a click or, your reviews, experiences or warnings around the world!

Discover Sgozz's Hyperverse

all the potential of Sgozz's Hyperverse in some examples.

Blog & News

In our Blog you can find the complete guide to using the application and its features!

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