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How to create a video NFT with AI and use it to customize your own T-Shirt with Augmented Reality

The goal of this article is to show you how easy and fun it is to create your own NFT videos to use for augmented reality. In particular, after reading this article you will be able to:

  • Create your video through an artificial intelligence;

  • Create an NFT with your video;

  • Set your video on your T-Shirt through Augmented Reality.

Step 1: Create a video using an artificial intelligence

Today, there are many AI tools that allow you to create content. You can use whatever you prefer, but in this guide we will use one of Replicate's pre-trained models. In particular, we will use Nathan Raw's model, stable-diffusion-videos.

You may notice that on the Replicate website there are tons of templates that you can use to create your very own content. Another very interesting model is that of Andreas Jansson, stable-diffusion-animation.

Thanks to the spread of these models and platforms like this one, it is possible to create one-of-a-kind content easily, simply and quickly. Even for those like us who are not a professional programmer or graphic designer!

Replicate provides a share of computational calculation for free, just register an account and you're done.

After logging in, search for the stable-diffusion-videos template in the search field and open it.

You will have in front of you a simple interface that is very intuitive. Here we will not go into all the fields you see, but we will focus only on "prompts".

This field must be populated by entering the keywords that allow the algorithm to generate the video we want. In our case we will insert the following text:

“a white cat | a gray cat | a black cat”

Once the text has been entered, we will proceed by clicking on "Submit" at the bottom of the page to start the algorithm and proceed with the processing of our video.

Once the model training is ready, just click on “Download” to get our video!

Step 2: Create an NFT with our newly generated video from an AI

The web is full of guides, tutorials and videos showing how to create an NFT. We too have already published a specific article for this step: "How to find and create an NFT in Sgozz's NFT Discover".

For this reason we will go quickly, touching only the most important aspects.

First you need to have a Wallet Metamask, creating a wallet takes no more than 2 minutes. We advise you to install Metamask both as a browser extension and as an app on your smartphone, it will be useful for step 3 of this guide.

The wallet is used to create your digital identity on the internet defined as Web3.

At this point, open the famous Opensea NFT marketplace. Log in with your metamask wallet, your identity, your universal user in the Web3 space.

To create your first NFT, simply click on your profile icon at the top right and click on "Create". You may need to give authorization from your Metamask Wallet!

At this point you will find yourself in the following “Create New Item” screen.

Opensea Create an NFT on Ethereum

The interface is very simple and creating an NFT is truly child's play! Maybe it's easier than making a video on TikTok!

Ok, just click in the “Image, Video, Audio, or 3D Model” field and load our AI-generated video.

We enter a title of our video in the "Name" field.

By scrolling down we find the "Blockchain" field, be careful to select the Ethereum network. This is very important for Step 3, to show our NFT in Augmented Reality on our t-shirt.

Opensea Create an NFT on Ethereum

All that remains is to click on "Create", reply that you are not a robot and that's it!

You have created your first NFT, without spending anything and with an amazing one of a kind video processed by an AI.

Step 3: View NFT video in Augmented Reality to customize your


We are at the most exciting step! For this step it is necessary to install the Sgozz application directly from the PlayStore.

Once you have downloaded the application, if it is your first time, you will need to register an account. Once logged in to Sgozz, go to the profile section and if you haven't already done so, connect your Metamask Wallet.

You will immediately notice that all the NFTs that your wallet owns and that you viewed on OpenSea are also available and visible on Sgozz. Including our newly created video NFT.

Now comes the fun!

For this example we will use the Sgozz T-Shirt because the graphic printed on the shirt is one of the two Markers that is released to all users when they activate the application. But if you want to create your own t-shirt or customize your photos, logos or graphics, simply create your personal Marker using the application.

Let's proceed to customize our t-shirt!

From the Wallet section of the Sgozz app, click on "Manage Deck" and then on "Manage Markers". You will see the list with all the markers you own. The first of these is just “Sgozz Skin Marker”

Marker for Augmented Reality with Sgozz

If you don't have a t-shirt and want to try this marker you can also simply frame this one above!

Click on “Setting” and the configuration screen will be displayed. In the lower part of the screen we see the list of NFTs held by the user, in fact there is also our NFT with cat videos!

Just click on our NFT and then click "Confirm". The game is done!

At this point, our NFT with cat video was associated with the Marker on Sgozz's T-Shirt. To view it, just go to your profile and click on the "Deck" button. The first carousel of our deck is made up of our Markers. Clicking on one of them opens the mobile phone camera and framing the specific Marker displays the NFT that we set previously.

Your friends who open your Deck can frame your Markers and view your NFTs in AR, you can do the same with their Markers!

But Markers are nothing more than images, for example this is the second marker you receive directly in the app. We printed and framed it and this is the result!

Marker for Augmented Reality with Sgozz
Colorful Marker Sgozz

Link download Sgozz App

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