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Iberian Lynx is not recyclable!

Lover of art and photography, art22es started in a meeting of friends and little by little it spreads all over the world.

My beginnings were some very personal nfts that were intended to make the world of agriculture known, but little by little we have been investigating new worlds.

Creating realistic characters from "Lucia" and "Paula", and even the wonderful "Hill rabbit".

Of course, we also want to help our planet by creating our wonderful collection "Iberian Lynx is not recyclable".

With this collection, we intend to demonstrate that the Iberian lynx is not recyclable and that if we do not take care of it we will lose it.

We do not want to miss the opportunity to talk about our latest "Cougar" collection, unique in the world where we want to exploit Artificial Intelligence to the fullest, because we believe that without AI there are no NFTs.

Finally, we also have other completely abstract and innovative styles that make it a unique profile in the world, with more than 500 nfts distributed in the main platforms, Opensea, Oix and Mintable.

I hope my Art is liked by everyone and we can continue to grow day by day. Thanks.

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