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Exploring the Myths and Mysteries with kat1212

Hi, My name is Kat and I am from Poland.

I love creating art and NFT artwork, I am able to express myself.

I am interested about the lost history of our earth and mythical creatures such as vampires and mermaids.

I have created several collections including one titled "Characters of Mystery”. This collection is listed on Opensea at “kat1212”.

I believe mythical creatures may have existed in our past and the main objective of my collections is to remind people about our previous beliefs and mythology.

The second collection, which is one I am very proud of, is my NFT book. This is titled “The Nibiru: The Lost Continent on our Flat Earth”. This book is a collection of stories combined with NFTs that I wish to be able to print in the near future.

kat1212 | NFTs | Opensea | Mystery | Darkness

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