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Why is everyone talking about NFTs?

NFTs - Artistic and Economic Value

The #NFTs world is constantly expanding and these will be the most important tools of the virtual or augmented world.

In particular, NFTs were discussed as digital artworks, which characterize #CryptoArt with works of the highest quality and many topics addressed.

But the NFTs world does not stop at the artistic value of the token.

The value of an NFT, for example, changes according to the specific privileges it confers on its owner or also the purpose with the token was created on the #Blockchain network.

This article will show both some of the most creative ideas on the NFT theme and the prominent personalities who have decided to invest in these virtual assets.

NFT & Sports

In the sports industry there are several world-renowned athletes who have already decided to enter the NFT market.

Between these, we can mention the French striker of Paris Saint Germain Kylian Mbappé who has decided to invest in "Sorare", the fantasy sports game with NFT.

In the Sorare platform, users called Managers have to create a formation of five elements, which will challenge other users, composing a final ranking.

In addition, between famous users and supporters there are the tennis champion Serena Williams and Spanish Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué.

Not only Mbappé, but also his teammate Marco Verratti and Neymar, has decided to enter this market in an important way.

Verratti purchased one of the 25 digital islands sold on The Sandbox from #Exclusible, a marketplace that provides luxury NFTs.

This allowed Verratti to be able to customize his virtual island with digital assets such as ports, boats and objects of various kinds.

It should not be forgotten that all these assets have a certain economic value that can grow and, moreover, we are already starting to talk about making this type of property "rentable" too.

These lands in the future can become not so different from a real house...

NFT and Ukraine

Another case to mentione is the #Ukraine, in which the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov announced that his country will sell NFTs illustrating and denouncing the stages of this bitter conflict in order to raise funds to support the army and civilians.

The project, supported by the Meta Museum History of War, was conceived as a means of social denunciation against the Russian invasion.

This consists of 54 NFTs that depict the whole path of this brutal conflict with the main stages.

Both Ukrainian and international artists participated in this collection, creating real “digital artefacts”.

This initiative brought to the coffers of the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation 65.9 million dollars in cryptocurrency, useful for helping both the army and civilians.

In this case, the NFTs have taken on a dual function, that of a tool of social denunciation of the tragic situation in Ukraine, and something that makes possible to raise indispensable funds.

NFT & Kryptomon

In the #Gaming field, we want to mention the excellent solution designed by a young Italian entrepreneur: Kryptomon.

These are born in the wake of #Pokemon and #Tamagotchi, but with an important plus thanks to NFTs.

In fact, these creatures, the Kryptomons, can be raised with affordable food and gadgets, but also trained to face increasingly complex challenges.

However, their owner can always decide to sell them and monetize their Kryptomons in dollars.

In this case, therefore, the NFTs are the main tools that make Metaverse works, thanks to their qualities.

NFT & Philipp Plein

Similarly to what was done by #PSG star Marco Verratti, testifying to the potential of the NFT world, we want to mention the choice of the well-known German designer Philipp Plein.

The Plein group has decided to buy a large piece of land in #Decentraland, one of the virtual worlds in the #Metaverse.

This building, with a size of 65 Decentraland particles (which is equivalent to approximately 16.4 thousand square meters in the real world), is located in one of the main squares, Genesis Plazas.

The cost of the property was 510 Mama (Decentraland's cryptocurrency) which corresponds to approximately 1.4 million dollars.

The property will be called Plein Plaza, and in the future it will have retail shops, an art museum, a hotel, luxury residences and much more.

In short, this investment is very interesting, as in addition to the material value of the property and the individual components, it can lead to different future monetization scenarios.

We can think to the brand advertising with also the future purchase of the brand's clothes in the Metaverse, the possibility of being able to rent apartments or other types of goods or the creation of personalized NFTs that grant discounts or other privileges on the brand's products.

NFTs & AR Sgozz

NFTs are tools with a lot of potential and above all with the ability to use them in different areas of our life.

These are just some of the possible uses of NFTs or the rights that they grant to the owner, and in fact there are others that can be used for:

  • The purchase of a ticket for a business event such as fairs, conferences and summits;

  • Participation in a reserved event such as dinners or meetings;

  • The purchase of a ticket for a concert or a sporting event;

  • Percentage of discount in the purchase of food, clothing, shoes and other goods;

  • The ability to purchase luxury goods such as cars, motorcycles, boats, planes and jewelry.

Also in the Sgozz ecosystem, there are NFTs that give to owners particular privilegies.

In the NFT Discover page, the user will be able to buy, sell, trade and sponsor NFTs. Get the most out of your NFT collections by monetizing them in the AR Ecosystem!

In particular, there is the Sgozz Wallpaper Collection, which allow users to customize the background of their user profile, with these NFTs.

Another NFTs Collection that we have decided to launch is Sgozz Smile 3D.

This Collection is characterized by different Emojis of 3D Models with different types of graphics.

These NFTs with 3D Models allow you to experience the Face Tracking feature.

Just click on your NFT, then on the AR Face button and frame a face, to see your NFT in Augmented Reality.

Discover beautiful #Artworks or the last Collections who grants particular privileges!

The world of NFTs remains a market to look at with considerable interest for next years, so join the SgozzVerse where you can use your NFTs to customize Reality!

Link download Sgozz App

As always eXtendYourLife!

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