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The Rise of NFT Baby Damn and AI

I am the father of a wonderful son passionate about NFT and crypto, I do it for passion.

It all comes from a photo taken of my son as a child with a hat that I started to modify and make funny, then I met AI art and from there I didn't understand anything any more it's all tremendously fantastic what comes out every time.

BabyDcollectAI | NFT | OpenSea | Ethereum

I don't like the idea of making them all identical and for this reason from the beginning I decided to change the expressions and styles keeping more or less the outfit...

It's actually the opposite of the usual NFTs to think about it...

BabyDcollectAI | NFT | OpenSea | Ethereum

Fortunately no one is taking them because otherwise they would be few and it takes me too long to do them... all so rare...

My idea of project is atypical, there does not have to be a project behind, an NFT is a work of art, an image to which you become attached and that you keep or a bargaining chip that you use to make money.

The Project is done by the community that chooses you...

This is BabyDcollect...The D stands for Damn!

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