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A few words about SAD SAD CLOWNS…

Hello dear NFT investors. We are pleased to present the SAD SAD CLOWNS collection to you.


Finally, colorful and cheerful characters join the world of the Metaverse.

SAD SAD CLOWNS is a PFP project designed by artist Ates Benice and his group and was planned as the first of multiple NFT collections about the circus world.

Now, choose the JOKER that best expresses you and join the fun.

Our men may seem sad and sad at first glance, but when the show begins, everything changes and the frenzied hustle begins.

All the characters that make up the collection are cool, but some are cooler than others. We don't want to say the rare ones, you'll find them.

Our aim is to present all the elements that make up the circus world to collectors as NFT over time.

After SAD CLOWNS, the MAD CLOWNS collection, which is currently in progress, and others will follow!

In addition, SAD CLOWNS NFT owners will have free access to the "grand metaverse circus" to be established in the future.

Our ongoing game (GRAND METAVERSE CIRCUS) can be played on the internet and other platforms.

SAD SAD CLOWNS is a collection of 12,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, all hand drawn.

We did not want to randomly generate character generation studies.

Sad Sad Clown | NFT | OpenSea | Ethereum

We wanted to be in control of all the characters.

It consists of 100 variations of 10 different elements that complement each other (hair, eyes, nose, hat, make-up, bow tie, collar, costume, accessories and background).

The first 2755 NFTs of the collection is on the Rarible platform.

Sad Sad Clown | NFT | OpenSea | Ethereum

Afterwards, the remaining NFTs continued to be uploaded to the Opensea platform.

So far, approximately 8000 NFTs on both platforms have been opened to the view of collectors.

The remaining NFTs continue to be uploaded to Opensea.

We will make you wait a little longer for our ongoing MAD CLOWNS collection and our "GRAND METAVERSE CIRCUS" game.

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