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The Augmented Reality Revolution

Reality becomes Augmented!

Nowadays what each of us defines as #Reality is a constantly changing concept, just think of this present era and compare it with that of past.

Despite the incessant change of our reality and our lifestyles, there is one constant in this whole process, and that is the #Invention of human beings.

Without some of these what we define as normal would not be possible, so life as we know it today…

Now, we live in an era where technological innovation represents the goal of many individuals for all the infinite positive repercussions that this would have in everyday life.

One of today's topics that arouses the greatest clamor and debate is undoubtedly the technologies of Extended Reality.

When we talk about extended reality, we are referring to immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (#AR), Virtual Reality (#VR) and Mixed Reality (#MR).

In particular, the focus of this article is on Augmented Reality, thanks to which it is possible to create a union of reality and virtual contents that enrich it.

Even if it is clear that the phase preceding the change is not easy, with the fear of the unknown and of something that is not known, this technology would bring about improvements that we cannot do without.

So, we present three augmented reality solutions with the potential that these bring:

  • One of the funniest examples is undoubtedly the case of PepsiCo which created a real show for the citizens of London, who while they were at the bus stop, saw an AR-enabled display. At that point, citizens watched the display and saw scenes such as a hunting tiger, a crashing meteor, and an alien grabbing passers-by with its tentacles.

  • Another example is Sony investing in an AR device called SmartEyeglass. These are very special glasses with which it is possible to connect via Wi-Fi and bluetooth to mobile devices, and obtain interesting information regarding the surrounding environment, on the presence or absence of clubs, restaurants, shops, streets and much more;

  • Finally, the case of the United States Army should certainly be mentioned, which exploits a particular technology called Tactical Augmented Reality (or #TAR). The TAR is an ocular device that allows troops to locate their own position and that of allies or enemies, to have a clear view during night operations, and a lot of information such as the distance to a target. All they need to do is wear the visor, a tablet to wear at the waist and the thermal viewer on the weapons.

Augmented Reality in the SgozzVerse

Augmented Reality is one of the technologies with which an increasing number of companies are working to create innovative solutions for people.

As we have shown, the developments are truly endless because it can be applied to both the marketing sector and for military purposes, not to mention everyday life.

Are you curious to live an immersive experience in AR?

The SgozzVerse is the first social network in AR, where users can live the Augmented Reality:

  • Image Tracking: Sgozzers can use our two default #Markers or create a new one, and then connect an #NFT to it. At this point, just frame the Marker to see your token in Augmented Reality! Among the possible examples of this combination, we have the creation of a Virtual #Art Gallery, the creation of memories in AR, an Augmented business card and much more…

  • Face Tracking: If the user has an NFT with #3D Model, it is possible to use Face Tracking. This function can be activated by clicking on the NFT and then on AR Face. At this point, by framing the face, the NFT will merge with it through Augmented Reality!

  • Markerless: Also in this case it is possible to experience the AR without a Marker. If the user has an NFT with a 3D model, by clicking on the item and then on AR Place, you will be able to see and place your Token on a floor. Thus, the user can customize his reality with his favorite NFTs!

  • GeoPost: Finally, the creation of content in an exact geographical location to display in AR is possible! Just open the #GeoCamera to view all the #GeoPosts within 100 meters of your location.

Link download Sgozz App

Become a Sgozzer and #eXtendYourLife

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