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The Art of Pixels | Pixel Pose

Introducing to the NFT Artist and digital creators community

I am Tulga, I come from the #Pixel World.

I studied in Tianjin Medical University with a major of Imaging Medicine and Nuclear Medicine, but my ideas of Pixel painting started since November 2021.

I decided to make my first pixel #NFT collection then and named Pixel Pose.

I believe in the future of NFTs and how this technology and community can positively change and impact the future of #digital creatives in the same that other platforms like #YouTube transformed the content creator’s industry.

My goal is to build long term connections with digital artist, collectors and technologist and to actively contribute to the future of digital creatives, NFTs and Web 3.0.

I am also interested in collecting NFTs soon and I would love to discover more creatives and their fantastic work.

Pixel Pose NFT Collection

The Pixel Pose NFT project is a collection of 500 unique Pixel Pose NFTs-pixel collectibles living on the #PolygonMatic blockchain.

NFT Project Pixel Pose

These Pixels are trying to show all world’s cultures, history, movie characters and #videogames!

Pixel Pose NFTs, we got an idea from pixel of Super Mario Bros.

There is 1/1 edition of all items in Pixel Pose NFTs.

NFT Project Pixel Pose

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