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In the SgozzVerse, it is possible to add one of four different reactions or comment to each GeoPost and NFT and it is very simple.

The #Reactions that can be added to a #GeoPost or #NFT are:

1. 💙: the heart icon to a GeoPost that arouses affection;

2. 😀: a smiley face towards a funny content;

3. 😧: a sad face in response to a GeoPost that induces a negative surprise;

4. 💀: a skull icon used in a joking way towards a GeoPost with which you disagree.


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If you want to add a reaction to the GeoPost, click the blue heart-shaped icon under each Geopost and the four #emojis mentioned will appear.

At that point, just click one (the emoji will fill up when you choose it) and press the enter key on the right.

Your opinion in the reaction form is sent to the Sgozzer.

In reality, user can also decide to comment GeoPosts, clicking on the blue message icon below the Geopost, entering the comment and pressing the enter key on the right.

Each Sgozzer can check their notifications by clicking on the yellow bell at the top right of the "Discover" page.

Furthermore, with the arrival of #NFTs on Sgozz, it will be possible to add reactions or comments to each of this virtual assets, going to their detail page.

This function for NFTs is very important because the virtual assets with more reactions and comments, if "boosted", will have an advantage in the position of the boosted list, compared to NFTs with few or no reactions (and comments).

Finally, on your user profile there is the "Reactions count" which includes all the reactions received from Geopost and NFTs.

NOTE: If you sell your own NFT, with X reactions, these will be subtracted from your Reactions Count.

Download the Sgozz app and experience the innovative combination of NFTs and Augmented Reality. Your Artwork become Real!


Link download Sgozz App

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