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Protect Nature and its Creatures | BSGR Tigers

BSGRTigers Nft project consists of 5 team members, including #blockchain expert, social media expert, project manager, art designer and nft market observer.

The #nft market has been observed for about a year, and the most valuable collections have been determined down to the smallest detail.

After these determinations, the project manager built a team and shared the idea of ​​creating a Tiger collection with this team.

The team members agreed on the #tiger drawing and decided to create this collection.

The name of this collection came out as BSGRTigers which stands for “Brave Stacks Gather Roaring Tigers” while creating the collection, the most important thing was the quality of the art and to convey the message that the project wants to give to the community in the best possible way.

The idea to be emphasized in this project is the following. Animals are a very important part of our nature.

Unfortunately, human beings think that this world belongs only to them, and because of this, they can sometimes act very selfishly.

The natural habitat of animals is not zoos.

Their habitat is Nature itself.

Sgozz | BSGRTigers | NFT | Project

In this project, the tiger, the animal most fond of freedom, was taken out of the cages and regained its freedom and natural habitat.

The reason why tigers are depicted with hats, colorful teeth, chewing gum in their mouths and many other forms in the #collection symbolizes that they live with their free will.

Sgozz | BSGRTigers | NFT | Project

The aim of this project is to raise awareness in people that this world does not belong only to us humans and that we should respect all living things.

On the way we set out for this purpose, we will present very lucrative surprises in the future under the name of awareness awards to each individual of our #community who support our idea and Project.

When we create the required community, we will develop our project with some magnicifant #games and various applications in order to increase this awareness. Remember, the more BSGRTigers you have, the more tigers you will get out of the cage and return to their natural habitat.

Join us and support the freedom of BSGRTigers!

Sgozz | BSGRTigers | NFT | Project

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