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I love art, I’ve been a fan since comic books.

As groundbreaking as it maybe, I’ve never thought jpegs of art to be art. That’s another story and subjective stuff that we aren’t here to discuss in this article.

Since Bored ape yacht club every one and their cousin, aunts, neighbors, and uncles twice removed in the nft community have made variations of those interesting apes, or even and punks. We all want original pieces.

For the last year, I’ve looked at a lot of nft collections. Some are amazing, some are ridiculous and audaciously repulsive.

I’m not at all being snarky or mean spirited. Subjective is a thing after all.

In my search for the new and outrageous, I’ve stumbled across an artist that I link. His name is Ryan Grey, he goes by the handle of Ryan Grey Art. He as a few projects.

Some are deplorable of course but who am I to judge. A giggle and guffaw isn’t at all nippy. Don’t judge me I’m just telling it like I see it. As I’ve said I love art, all types.

Ryan Grey is a good artist. I’ve watched his work flourish for months.

The improvements and direction changes were surprisingly refreshing.

The project itself looked a bit messy to me at first. However, with time, it grew on me as I’m sure it might grow on some of you.

That being said. Some will gate it. Some will say it is degrading or raunchy. Again subjectivity is a must. I may or may not have had thoughts about that when I first saw the project.

But as I got to know the artist and his vision. I began to see that he actually has a healthy respect for women and people in general.

I won’t go into his flaws today though, I’ll leave that for someone else.

Harumi Saiba Shattered Souls and Harumi Saiba Dark Lucid Dreams are the two versions he Grey has put out along with Akira Saiba the male alternative.

It’s definitely cyberpunk, yet it’s not, the project is bright and brilliantly colorful, as the moon shines, I promise you, it’s dark, I feel disjointed and as if the part were painstakingly made to somehow be at odds with each other as symbiotic as they maybe.

Sgozz | Harumi Saiba Dark | NFT | Project

I feel as if Harumi Saiba is a story being told. It is dynamic and expressive.

The modern aspects are tempered history and culture.

As I mention culture, I can’t forget the pop culture aspect that makes interesting the nft project.

Sgozz | Harumi Saiba Dark #42 | NFT | Project

Should I go on a rant about the innovation and complexity of Harumi Saiba.

I could of course, I won’t. I want you not to take my word.

My opinions are mine to share and yours to hear, in the end it's you who looks art and decide if you like it.

NFTS are dead, this is what I hear. I don’t think it’s true.

What I do think is Harumi Saiba brings a new sort of life to digital art and nfts in general.

If you like dive bars and fun times you may like Harumi Saiba, If you love, beautiful women, with cyberpunk aesthetic and colors in the darkness, you’ll love Harumi Saiba.

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