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NFT Belly Dancers join AI in Performance Art

Introduction to Belly Dancers Waifus

From a young age, I have been captivated by the grace and beauty of belly dancing, particularly as it relates to my Middle Eastern heritage.

This exquisite art form allows women to showcase the allure of their curves through a variety of alluring and seductive movements.

The origins of oriental dance can be traced back to ancient Eastern cultures, including Egypt and the land of the ancient Sumerians.

In these ancient civilizations, dance was primarily performed in sacred ceremonies, where it served as a ritualistic expression of sacred dance.

My fascination with belly dancing has only grown with the rise of AI-art technologies and NFT creations.

As a result, I have taken to creating artworks that feature belly dancers in anime-style. In November of 2023, my first collection, "Belly Dancers Waifus", was published on the Opensea marketplace under Polygon blockchain.

These "Unique Waifus" can be adopted by interested parties, with each piece crafted with love and intended to be one-of-a-kind.

Belly Dancers Waifus | NFT | OpenSea | AI

These artworks were created with the assistance of an AI-generated algorithm.

This algorithm was further refined through human touch-ups, such as fixing body parts, adjusting lighting, and tweaking backgrounds.

Belly Dancers Waifus | NFT | OpenSea | AI

I believe I have already achieved this goal, as I have yet to come across a similar collection in terms of concept, volume, and style.

Despite minimal marketing efforts, many pieces have been sold and are available on my social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter.

In addition to "Belly Dancers Waifus", I am also working on a project featuring belly dancers in a concept art style.

This collection will be published on the Foundation marketplace under Ethereum!

Finally, I kept my real identity a secret due to conservative community which I may face, so you can call me by my nickname "Lovy" and my artwork slogan is:

"Made with Love by LOVY"

Lovy's NFT Collections

  • Belly Dancers: Concept Painting Art of Belly Dancers portraits, Listed on Foundation under Ethereum blockchain.

  • Seductive Curves: NSFW collection which depict ladies in erotic or seductive way through anime art style, listed on Opensea under Solana blockchain, more than 150 items.

The 3 NFT Collections by Lovy

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