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Make your NFT project VIRAL

It's time to make your project to go viral! Join the Sgozzers and add Augmented Reality to your NFT project!

Sgozz was born with the aim of combining digital life with the real world to create innovative experiences. In fact, using Image Tracking, Face Tracking, Markerless and geolocation you can bring your NFTs into real life with the Augmented Reality.

How can we help you go viral?

Sgozz offers artists and NFT projects the possibility of being advertised through our channels and in our application.

Collaboration is free and we offer you:

  • Banner of the NFT project in the main carousel of the app for one week;

  • 3 Boosters with value of 5, 3 and 1 ETH for a month;

  • Article on Sgozz's blog;

  • A free Marker;

  • Sponsorship through our social channels.

Fill out our form and we will contact you for details!

Or, contact us by email at or through our social channels to get more information!

Become a Sgozzer and #eXtendYourLife

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