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KvaraSky Vision on Napoli - AR Tribute

The Birth of KvaraSky Vision on Napoli

Naples is a city that’s rich in history, culture, and art. The vibrant streets, the excellent cuisine, and the passionate people make it a truly unique place in the world.

In this period, the football team is writing another page of history for the possible conquest of the title of next italian Champion!

So, we wanted to create an experience that would pay tribute to this wonderful city. With these premises, the KvaraSky Vision on Napoli was born.

What is KvaraSky Vision on Napoli?

The KvaraSky Vision on Napoli is an immersive #ARexperience that permits to the Sgozzers to frame the sky, and see the interactive 3D Model of Kvaratskhelia, with the title of Champion 22/23 in a starry space.

Users will be able to interact with the #3Dmodel of the revelation football player of this sporting year, using the arrows below.

Remember that with the Reset button, you can center the 3D model and this AR Experience works during the morning and afternoon!

It’s a celebration of this historic sporting achievement that he wants to conquer.


The creation of the Napoli Tribute was a challenging yet rewarding process. We wanted to create an experience that would pay tribute to the city of Napoli and showcase its great result. We believe that we’ve achieved that goal with this AR Experience.

KvaraSky Vision on Napoli is a testament to the power of technology and art. It’s an experience that allows the user to try something of completely new, with the possibility to interact directly with the Sky.

We hope that it inspires others to explore the world around them and to appreciate the beauty that’s all around us.

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