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Sgozz investment pitch - Accelerate with NAStartUp

AR Sgozz & NAStartUp

We are happy to announce that we have been chosen among many #startups for the presentation of our company to NAStartUp #community.

This is a group of people interested in technological innovation projects.

The startups could be selected from Italy and other countries in the world.

We want to thank NAStartUp for this important opportunity to introduce our mixed solution in the field of #AugmentedReality and #Blockchain.

The project was born to find and select some of the most interesting start-ups in the world.

After selecting the strat-ups, there was a Facebook live event for all lovers of business innovation, as it is aimed at making known, discussing and presenting all startups and innovation projects.

Once we passed the first selection, we had the opportunity to do an interview to present our project with examples and demonstrations to the NAStartUp #community.

In addition to this important recognition, the experience was very educational and useful for showing the main functions of the SgozzVerse, which contribute to the #AR Ecosystem.

The event took place on November 23 at 18:00 with a Live Facebook.

Thank you to all NAStartUp members and as always become a Sgozzer and #eXtendYourLife

Link download Sgozz App

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