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Image Tracking using the Sgozz's Markers

We present one of the main technologies that are part of the Sgozz app and help to create our universe in Augmented Reality (#AR).

What is a "Marker"?

In the application there are particular 2D images or graphics, called #Markers, which, if framed, permit us to view the AR contents associated with that Marker, like the vision of an animated 3D model, a video, a song or other content directly on the 2D graphics.

How can I see my Markers?

Each Sgozzer, if they have connected their Metamask wallets in the app, can access and activate the two free default Markers of Sgozz.

Download the Sgozz App and frame up one of these Marker to discover which NFT is associated with them!

Link download Sgozz App

These Markers are anchors, used to view an NFT in #AugmentedReality that user decides to connect.

After the connection of the wallet on Sgozz, the "Deck" button will be activated on your user profile.

In the Deck, user can manage both his own Markers and the #NFTs, that he decides to combine with that specific Marker.

Initially, the user will view the default Markers and can pair the NFTs that prefers (we give users one default NFT) with them, viewing NFT in AR.

If the user clicks one of his Markers, in his Deck, he will see the NFT connected to that Marker. On the other hand, if he clicks on another user's Marker, present in his Deck, he will see the NFT connected in AR, chosen by the other user.

However, one of our top services is the Creation of a new Marker in which users can choose a specific image which, if framed, shows in AR the NFT that the user has decided to combine with.

Marker Creation can be activated for FREE!

The new image used as a Marker will be approved within 48 hours and has to follow these rules:

• Do not use a famous trademark if you aren't the owner;

• Do not use topics such as pornography, child pornography, acts of hatred or violence, racism, misogyny or other forms of discrimination in every form;

• Do not use themes such as violence against animals and the environment;

• Avoid using images that contain a large amount of blank space as it isn't registered as complex graphical data;

• Repetitive patterns such as paragraphs of text or a checkerboard pattern can interfere with tracking performance;

• Placing content on a round / reflective surface can cause tracking instability.

Where are the markers present?

Currently the Markers are present both on our special #Tshirts, which permit you to see an NFT with 3D Model in AR, and by downloading them from our website

After connecting user's wallet to Sgozz, Markers are available in the personal "Deck", clicking on the Marker.

At that point the camera will open and you can frame the Marker, seeing the NFT coupled in augmented reality!

In the Sgozz ecosystem, it is possible to manage the Marker-NFT pairs, so user can create the combinations that prefers.

In the end, it is possible to manage Markers, clicking "Wallet" button on your user profile, then selecting the "Manage Deck" option, and finally "Manage Markers".

So each user can use their creativity and create all the combinations they prefer!

Remember that anyone can create an NFT from OpenSea for free and then you can use it on Sgozz.

Usage ideas

With Marker Technology, users has now a lot of new possibilities to discover.

Here are some classic examples of using Marker and its use cases:

  • Works or moments in AR: the main use-case is the binomial Marker-NFT. We can view NFT contents connected to the Markers, in Augmented Reality. The user can choose the NFT-Marker combination that he prefers, for example showing his own work to see in AR, connecting a video of his family history to a family photo and much more cases;

  • Customizable clothing: another important function connected to the Marker is that the Sgozzer who has one of our Skins, can customize the Marker with the connection of one NFT, seeing it in AR. The user, therefore, can customize their own clothing with unique and exclusive customizable contents, using NFTs.

  • Business card: another case concerns the possibility to create a business card in AR. For example, imagine to frame a personal logo, used as a Marker, and visualizing the business card in Augmented Reality. This could have an image, social profile links, its own website and other info.

  • AR Art Gallery: it is possible to download the Markers from our website and frame them in a painting. At that point you just have to match an NFT to the Marker, to see artworks chosen by you, come to life in AR.

Create your Virtual #Artgallery! #eXtendYourLife

Scenarios are differents, download now the SgozzVerse with a click here! #eXtendYourLife
Link download Sgozz App

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