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Hyper-Reality is already there? Discover Sgozz!

Image a word where your social content and real physical assets take life… With the Sgozz application you are able to create your Hyper-World!

Sgozz was born with the aim of combining digital life with the real world to create innovative experiences. In fact, using Augmented Reality and Image Tracking, each user can create anchors in the real world, we call these anchors Markers.

Our mission is to build an immersive ecosystem that allows the visualization, exchange and interaction with virtual and real assets using Augmented Reality and Blockchain technology.

When a Marker is framed with the camera the anchored NFT appears in AR! But not only using Image Tracking, also with Plan Recognition and Geo AR View!

I bet your next question is: but what assets can I view in AR?

I'll answer you immediately. You can view two different types of content in AR:

  • NFT: any NFTs minted on the Ethereum network through the Opensea market place that has an image, gif, video or 3D model.

  • GeoPost: this is not a simple post! It can be geolocated anywhere on the map using GPS coordinates. Any user who is within a radius of 100 meters from the coordinates of the GeoPost can view it in Augmented Reality.

In essence, the builders of Sgozz's Hyper-Verse are the users, the Sgozzers!

By creating new Markers you will make yours World more Augmented!

What is an Image Tracking Marker?

A Marker is simply an image.

To give you some examples, you can transform into a Marker:

  • Logos and brands;

  • Pictures of families and works of art;

  • 2D prints, like the one on Sgozz's T-Shirt;

  • Basically anything with well-defined graphics;

  • etc...

Once the image has been uploaded to the app, the Sgozz Team will proceed with its transformation into a Marker. You will find your Marker ready for use in your Deck Manager! Once created, you can set and modify as many times as you want the NFT to be displayed in AR when the Marker is framed by the smartphone cameras!

Take your NFTs to the real world and value them more!

Exchange them with the Sgozzers Community and help to populate the Hyper-World.


Link download Sgozz App

What is a Deck?

The Deck is present on the profile of all users and contains all the Markers, NFTs and collections of the Sgozzer.

Easy and intuitive... When you go to your friend's house, just view their Deck through the Sgozz App and, by clicking on the image of a Marker, the mobile phone camera will automatically open.

Just frame the Marker and immediately view the associated NFT in Augumented Reality!

Why NFTs? Can I earn with Sgozz?

The answer is yes! Using the Sgozz App you can sell at fixed price and at auction; you can buy and bid on NFTs and NFT Collections of the moment.

But that's where the fun comes. Once you own the NFT you can:

  • View it in AR to create unique content;

  • Customize your profile and your experience in the app;

  • Set it to be displayed on the Marker so that your friends in AR can see it too;

  • Share your NFT in the form of GeoPost and tag it in the world;

  • Take advantage of Boosting to advertise and sell your NFTs.

This will allow you to value your NFTs and Collectors a way to view, share and exhibit your NFTs in the real world.

How can I use GeoPost?

The advantage of GeoPost is to be able to share your opinion freely and to be able to geolocate it in a specific point of the world! Not necessarily your current coordinates or a point of interest, but the exact GPS coordinates of the point you choose.

What to do with it? The possibilities are many, endless ... ..

  • Share your unforgettable moments in specific points of the world. You will always be able to relive them and walk them in AR;

  • Leave a review at a bar or restaurant directly in front of the venue's door;

  • Share your NFTs around the world with one click! Imagine being able to exhibit your work in Piazza Venezia in Rome;

  • View the GeoPost left around you and see what those who have been in that part of the world say before you.

Join the Sgozzers to populate the world of GeoPosts! Share your content, your works and much more in Sgozz's Hyper-Verse!


Link download Sgozz App

This is our Sgozz Handbook introduction, and then there are articles to explain in details each function in app:

Become a Sgozzer and as always #eXtendYourLife

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