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Humans and Artificial Intelligence | Riccardo NFT


The project was born from the blend of two elements that we care: on the one hand the passion for technological evolution and on the other the defense of animals.

Our project therefore wants to represent human evolution in the future by mixing man with artificial intelligence and hoping that due to evolution, humans are more sensitized towards animals.

Hence the link between the project and those who have always taken care of animals.

In the detail, our project consists in the collection of 520 works totally (NFT 1/1 unique items), created one by one and makes by hand digitally in 3D.

We will create 2 items for week, as a consequence the collection will be finalized within 5 years, approximately.

Benefit for the owners

1. Donations

The holders/owners of the project will contribute to helping foundations and associations in defense of animals as for each purchase 15% will be donated to these associations.

All donations will receive (if you wish) a personalized thank you with proof of donation via e-mail.

2. Rewards

The purchase will give everyone the opportunity to participate in special events in which will be selected the winners who will receive as a reward the 5% of the total purchases (by all).

This reward will be given in crypto.

3. First Buyers

At the end of the collection (in 5 year approximately), for the first 10 buyers of our works we'll create an exclusive and rare work

4. Metaverse Avatar, Asset, Animals, Experience

In the future, we are planning to create NFT Avatars, Asset, Animals and Experience for the metaverse.

The owners of the works will have early access to the presale and the right to participate in eventual giveaways.

The future is the Metaverse!

Visit the website to discover our project and all exclusive benefits!

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