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How use NFTs in the Sgozz Ecosystem

In this article we will talk about some of possible uses of NFTs in the Sgozz World and all the new perspectives for users.

With this update, NFTs have become the absolute Stars of the Sgozz App.

Sgozz Ecosystem can support NFTs with formats like .jpeg, .gif, .png, .mp4, .glb or .gltf.

Furthermore, Sgozz has decided to launch two #Collections: Wallpaper Collection and the Augmented Art Collection.

Customize your user profile

Once you have connected your Metamask #wallet (digital portfolio) to the app, you can easily manage your cryptocurrency and your NFTs.

Your profile photo (with circular shape) can be customized with any NFT that user has in the wallet or with an image that he decides to insert.

Going to the "Wallet" in your profile, then to "Manage Deck" and finally to "Profile Picture" to choose and confirm the NFT to be set as a profile photo.

In addition, you can also customize the background of your user profile, creating your very own personalized version.

But it's not that simple...

The profile background can only be changed with NFTs from the Sgozz Wallpaper Collection

From "Wallet" -> "Manage Deck" -> "Background Profile" -> ​​choose and select the NFT Sgozz Wallpaper.

Once you've set up your favorite NFT Wallpaper, you may decide to sell it or gift it to a friend or other Sgozzers. Don't worry you will continue to have your background set with the NFT, but you will not be able to reset it in the future once it is changed!

Imagine, this way you and your friends could have a unique and personal background that belongs to you!

Marker-NFT Combination

In Sgozz you can create the Marker-NFT combinations and so view your NFT in Augmented Reality when the Marker is framed with the camera.

When you activate the Marker section for the first time you get the first two Sgozz Markers. You can download, print or share them to use them as an anchor to show your NFTs in augmented reality to friends and family.

But you are also able to create your personal Marker, you are able to transform your personal pictures, logos or graphics into a Marker and display your NFTs on it!


Link download Sgozz App

Once you have chosen the image to use as Marker, we will approve it within 48 hours.

After approving the Marker image, it will available and you can handle the new Marker directly from the Deck Manager section in your wallet page.

In the Manage Markers section you can set and modify the NFTs to be displayed on your Markers whenever you want.

You can also decide which Markers should be visible in your Deck. This way the other Sgozzers will be able to view only the content you want.

Finally, if the Sgozzers goes to your Deck, they can click on the Marker and framing it they are able to display the NFT that you have set before.


Link download Sgozz App

"Send an NFT" function

To send an NFT from your wallet to another user's wallet, you need to:

  • Go to your user profile and click on the "Deck" button;

  • Select and click the NFT that you want to send to another wallet;

  • Press the blue button "Send";

At this point, you have to insert the wallet address of the person that you want to give your NFT.

From the personal profile you can copy the wallet addresses of the users with a quick double click;

  • Click on “Confirm” in the Metamask window to authorize the transaction.

The NFTs can be coupled to the #Markers (both the default ones and those created by the user) so user can select the Marker from the "Deck", frame it with the camera that opens and view the NFT in #AugmentedReality.

Sgozz's NFT collections

There are NFTs that in addition to presenting two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics, are unique creations or may belong to particular collections. Particular because they allow you to use the full potential of this technology.

One of the main advantages of NFTs is the possibility of recognizing their unique ownership and this allows you to transfer particular rights with the graphics contained therein.

An example is the Sgozz Wallpaper Collection, only a Sgozzer who owns at least one NFT from this collection will be able to change the profile background. But the examples don't end with this...

Another Sgozz Collection will be the Augmented Art Collection.

This collection is not yet available because we are collecting the adhesions of artists from all over the world, to create a unique and incredible collection. Each unique and inimitable work will be certified by the Sgozz team, as well as recognition of its creator as Sgozz Crypto Artist!

If you wish to register you can easily fill out the following form.

Now, each sgozzer will be able to create their own virtual Art Gallery! Download now here #eXtendYourLife


Link download Sgozz App

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