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How to find and create an NFT in Sgozz's NFT Discover

What is an NFT?

#NFT stands for "Not Fungible Token" which can be translated as something unique that therefore cannot be replaced by anything else.

An example of a non-fungible good is an artwork chracterized by uniqueness.

When we talk about NFT, what we mean is a way to uniquely and securely identify a certain digital product created on the internet.

So simply, an NFT can be any digital object such as a video, a photo, an article, a text, a GIF, an audio, and more.

One of the advantages of having a digital product certified with an NFT is that no one can claim that the object is not original or that there are other copies signed with an NFT.

The NFTs in the sgozz environment will guarantee the exchange of information and value between users, allowing the Sgozzers, to view these information using Augmented Reality.

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Blockchain - Between perspectives and NFTs

Today we are seeing an important growth in importance and economic value of NFTs thanks to the help of one of the most recent technologies, namely the Blockchain.

We can imagine the #Blockchain as a shared and immutable digital register in which the enormous amount of data transactions are stored and in this case cannot be altered, manipulated or eliminated.

It is a system that guarantees a series of elements such as the traceability of transfers, the transparency and verifiability of transactions.

Thank to these qualities, Blockchain system is considered safe and rapidly expanding, so probably we can see it, applied to other sectors of our economic system in a few years. In fact...

One of Sgozz's goals is precisely to bring Blockchain technology into the daily life of users and businesses.

How to create an NFT from OpenSea to be displayed in Sgozz

The guarantee of uniqueness and non-copyability of a certain digital product has created a real rush to produce artwork certified as NFT, making to birth the young #CryptoArt with a lot of Artists and their digital artworks, sold for millions dollars.

In the Sgozz environment it is possible to view only NFTs that have content in .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .glb and .gltf format and that have been minted on the Ethereum network.

It is not possible to create an NFT directly using the Sgozz application, but it is necessary to use the well-known Opensea Marketplace. Mint a new NFT it's really simple, fast and free.

1. First of all open OpenSea site and log in with you Metamask wallet.

2. Click on Create on the toolbar. Attention, it's necessary to sign the message from Opensea with you wallet, it's a free operation.

3. You landed on the Creation New Item form. Here you can insert the image, git, video or 3D model according with the Sgozz formats. But also the others information like name, externali link, description e collection.

4. A most important field is the "Blockchain". You must insert Ethereum to display the NFT in the Sgozz enviroment that it's connected on Ethereum network.

5. Click on the button Create and that it's!

6. NOW, open the Sgozz app and go to your Profile e view your NFT in AR


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Where to find NFTs?

From NFTs "Marketplaces" to Sgozz "NFT Discover"

In the SgozzVerse there is the NFT Discover where every Sgozzer can see different NFTs and Collections.

NFT collections have a circular icon, while single NFTs have a rectangular or square shape.

Sgozzers can scroll through the different NFT lists and those relating to particular collections, and clicking on them will send you back to the detail page.

Here, user can perform various Actions such as the purchase, the vision of the NFT as GeoPost, the addition of Reaction and comments, see info on the work and the offers made.

In particular, in the NFT Discover there are:

• Five lists of single NFTs for the five thematic categories: Art, Sport, Photography, 3D Model and Virtual World;

• Lists related to the latest news in the NFT world such as Top Collections, Last Offers, On Sale, Last Collections and Last NFTs;

• The NFT Boosted list made up of Sgozzer sponsored tokens.

In the end, according to us, NFTs have great perspectives and possibilities and for this reason Sgozz has decided to release its NFT Collections about Wallpapers and Augmented Art.

Become a Sgozzer and #eXtendYourLife


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