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GeoPost & GeoCamera

In this article we will talk about what #GeoPost is, with classic use cases and an important camera present in the Sgozz Ecosystem: the "GeoCamera".

What is a GeoPost?

The GeoPost represents the evolved version of a classic post that we could post on any other social network.

Because with the GeoPost, we can not only locate it at the coordinates that we want (for example, I decide to take a picture of myself to leave as a trip memory in Piazza Navona), but with the Sgozz app you can always see it in #AugmentedReality.

Link download Sgozz App

How to create a GeoPost on Sgozz

After completing log phase and creation of user's profile, you can create a new GeoPost, opening the drop-down menu at the top left.

At this point, selecting "new GeoPost", you can share yourself, your work and your ideas in AR!

Chracteristics of the GeoPost

Our version of GeoPost has four elements:

Title: this is mandatory and is the introduction of the GeoPost. It will be visible under the photo of the GeoPost;

Capture: just click on the camera icon and choose or take one photo for the new GeoPost;

Description: the user can write the message that prefers regarding the new GeoPost. This part is also mandatory;

Geolocate: here the user can decide to add or not a location to the GeoPost.

If you decide not to add it, you can click the green visa at the top right to create the GeoPost.

If you want to give a position, just click on “Geolocate”, then choose “Select position”.

At this point, Sgozzer can choose "Auto-Locate on your position" to give the current position or "Choose on the map" and click the location he prefers from the map (we recommend viewing the map using the "Satellite" option).

Finally, clicking the green visa at the top right, the GeoPost will be created!

All the posts that will be created in our Ecosystem are visible in Augmented Reality.

These can be seen in the personal profile of each Sgozzer or by opening the GeoCamera, even those without position.

You can see it, just clicking on the GeoPost and then selecting “AR VIEW” and it

will appear in front of you.

NOTE: in the end, this can be zoomed in, zoomed out and moved (if the GeoPost doesn't appear right in front of you, just turn the camera and you'll see it).

Link download Sgozz App


#GeoCamera is a special camera that helps to create our #AR Universe.

This #Cam permits to users to see every GeoPosts if users are within 100 meters of the position in which there are located other GeoPosts.

NOTE: The GeoCamera will only see contents with a given location.

The GeoCamera function can be activated from the home page, by clicking the drop-down menu at the top left and choosing the "GeoCamera" option.

Usage scenarios

The potential of GeoPost is visible to all and here we will make some classic examples of use:

a) Imagine that it is lunch time and while you are on the street, you don't know which place to choose.

At that point you take your smartphone and you have to search for the restaurant one by one, with a search that is not always relevant to the proximity of the place and it takes too much time...

It would be easier to frame the place and view all the images, reviews and comments with Augmented Reality.

It will be easier to move the focus of the GeoCamera, to get fast and limited information, even while we are walking;

b) Another example is for people like artists who want to advertise their works, or a tour guide who offers their tours around the city, and many other services.

These professionals could publish their GeoPost in strategic points of the city where tourists are passing through, with their services or works.

The same is for any company, business or person who wants to get more visibility;

c) Another usage scenario refers to the "Love locks" and the most famous story is that about Florence locks.

The padlock represents a public gesture to immortalize a love, to fix a moment, a passing event in a physical place, preventing time from removing it as well as the GeoPost.

In this case, it has the function of remembering an important event of our life.

d) Finally, the creation of a GeoPost in combination with the NFTs, because by accessing your NFTs from Sgozz it will be possible to share your NFT with its own characteristics in the GeoPost form.

You will be able to create and share your precious NFT collections! Show your creations in #AR!

These are just some examples of the potential that GeoPost and AR technology offer but it is clear that the Sgozzer is free to publish the content it prefers. #eXtendYourLife

Download Sgozz HyperVerse from here!

Download the Sgozz App now!

Link download Sgozz App

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