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Fight to save Giraffes and their Habitat | Parabia

Introduction to Girfy Stars

In Oct, 2022 I started my first NFT collection Girfy Stars

NFT was a new world for me, I found many PFPs which gain popularity such as Bored Apes and Crypto Punks.

So I thought about my character which is inspired by funny long-neck animal which live in Savannah lands of Africa, artworks of Giraffes collectibles came to increase awareness of these beautiful endangered species due to habitat loss, civil unrest, poaching and human-caused habitat changes.

Idea started with a single baby giraffe which I called him "Girfy" then others followed him to form the community of "Girfy Stars" which belong to different ethnic groups and nations, with different roles or professions. I maintained the same skin pattern which is used in the collection and is found in one of seven Giraffe species Giraffe Types , and it is called "Reticulated giraffe". During world cup event I dressed my girfies sport shirts to represent 32 countries which were playing during the event, Also I granted giveaways for who guessed the exact result of selected sport matches. I created more than 90 items so far but many are awaiting to be born, I am not sure when I will stop, but my goal to reach few hundreds or 1000 items as maximum.

The Floor price is 0.01 ETH.

Kamal Ghazal - Focus on the NFT Creator

I am 51 years old, Blogger and artist born in Syria. Initially known as Paranormal Arabia (aka PARABIA) which I founded as a website in 2008 to focus on mysteries and paranormal phenomena written in Arabic language. In 2022 I started designing NFTs which are added under the same brand "PARABIA". Here are my 7 NFT collections:

The 7 NFT Collections by Parabia

  1. Girfy Stars: PFPs of giraffe character.

  2. PARABIA ART: variety of artworks.

  3. Tokenized Woman's Beauty: Woman's beauty portraits from around the world.

  4. Zodaic Bunny: PFPs of bunnies to celebrate zodiac signs and first letter of name.

  5. Cubism Worlds: 2D/3D artworks in cubism art style.

  6. The Influentials: animated digital stamps.

  7. Parabia Dark Art

Discover NFT PARABIA project with beautiful artworks and amazing privileges!

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