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Face Tracking & Sgozz Smile 3D

What is Face Tracking?

In this article we present two important innovations within the SgozzVerse.

This is because an important function has been added to the app, that of #FaceTracking.

Face Tracking is a feature that allows your #NFT 3D Model to overlap your face!

And as if each Sgozzer physically joined their #3DModel!

The #Marker becomes your Face! Download Sgozz app from here

How can I use this feature in the app?

In the SgozzVerse this function can be activated according to these simple steps:

  • From the NFT Discover just click on the NFT that interests us, opening the detail page;

  • Here, if the NFT is with a 3D model, it will be possible to click on the "AR FACE" button to start the camera;

  • Finally, the 3D model will be visible in #AR simply by framing a face.

But in this video you can see an example of how Face Tracking works...

New NFT collection - Sgozz Smile 3D

In addition to this feature, we have decided to launch a New #collection of NFTs, the Sgozz SMILE 3D, which show the 3D Models of #Emojis with Neon graphics.

You can see different Emojis and different feelings.

This NFT collection is perfect for trying out the new Face Tracking feature.

Where can i find Smile 3D Collection?

The Smile 3D Collection is available on Opensea and in the Sgozz app.

You can access to this collection on Opensea by clicking here

In the Sgozz app it is available directly from first banner in the NFT Discover or from Deck of other Sgozzer!

Where can i buy a Sgozz Smile 3D?

All NFTs in this collection will be available for purchase on both Sgozz Ecosystem and OpenSea.

What Smile are you?

It's time to merge with your NFTs 3D Model with Face Tracking and Sgozz Smile 3D

Become a Sgozzer and #eXtendYourLife

Link download Sgozz App

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