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Crypto Art - Between Innovation and NFTs

NFTs & Crypto Art

One of the areas of greatest development in recent years for NFTs is undoubtedly that linked to digital artworks.

In addition to the artistic value, NFTs have a guarantee of authenticity and uniqueness through certification based on a #Blockchain system.

The Blockchain mechanism allows you to keep track of all transactions and a whole series of information that cannot be subsequently modified.

Guarantees on authenticity, uniqueness and ease of circulation between the parties solve many problems in the #Art sector, like for example the many cases of "fakes" or difficulties in understanding the originality of the work.

These are the basis on which #CryptoArt was born, it can be understood both as the art that focuses on cryptocurrencies and as the art of cryptography.

What is a Crypto Artwork and where can i find it?

On a material level, the Artwork is a digital content (for example photos, videos, gifs, 3D model, etc.) which is then uploaded to certain platforms to sell or exchange it (operation registered on the Blockchain network).

These crypto artists usually talk about themes like social distance, humanoids, robots, new universes and many else.

The most famous NFT #markets are OpenSea, Foundation, Behance and many others.

Each person can also find Crypto Artworks on the Sgozz platform, at our marketplace, the NFT Discover page.

If you want to sell your creations, so it is necessary to convert the cryptographic works into NFT, which also confers the indivisibility of the work.

Usually, the seller transfers the digital ownership of a particular work and not its material version (which often does not exist, NFT itself is the work of art), but it can be also different.

However, the NFT remains the proof of the transaction between the parties.

The Crypto Art in the SgozzVerse

Here is a practical example of Crypto Art with the benefits of Augmented Reality.

Users can see all the best Crypto Artworks, as well as discover the latest news, by accessing to the Homepage of the Sgozz app...

Another possibility is to view Crypto Artworks in Augmented Reality, using the Marker-NFT combination.

So user can frame his Marker and see his Augmented Artworks.

Now, It is now possible for users to create their personal Virtual Art Gallery, using the default markers or creating new ones.

The success of NFTs and Crypto Art is certified by data like for example:

  • OpenSea which recorded a record monthly sales volume of $ 4.5 billion in January 2022;

  • Before 1 May 2022, 37 billion dollars were sent to NFT markets compared to 41 billion in 2021 (Source: Chainanalysis).

Enter in the Crypto Art with Sgozz, downloading the app!

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