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Creativity as First by SkochNFT

My Name is Serdar KOÇ, the "Pseudonym = SkochNFT" and I am 45 years old.

I am a Prompt Crafter, this is how I like to describe myself :)

I've been interested in digital art for 25 years and NFTs are giving me complete ownership of my digital work for the first time.

I am currently an AI artist. I am committed to creating a new artwork daily.

Just draw what I want how I want.

Creativity seems mysterious because when we have creative ideas it is very difficult to explain how we got them, and we often talk about vague notions like “Inspiration” and “Intuition” when we try to explain creativity.

Since nothing can arise from the emptiness, we must understand that every creative work or creative idea is always preceded by a historical-cultural scheme.

It is a fruit of the cultural inheritance and the lived experiences.

I live in a country with four seasons.

Each of my pieces is imbued with its own unique story and meaning, drawn from my own experiences and the world around me.

I love AI because It's a medium that allows me to express myself in ways that words simply can't.

Skoch prefers to let his Art speak for him ;)

NFT Artworks by SkochNFT

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