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Connect the wallet on Sgozz and how get ETH and WETH

Introduction to NFTs Market

In this article we’ll talk about some simple steps how you can connect your Metamask #wallet (digital portfolio) to the Sgozz app.

A wallet is a virtual portfolio that holds its assets, which are also virtual.

So, using the MetaMask application, it is possible to create a wallet to hold cryptocurrencies that permit to the person to interact with #decentralized applications based on #Ethereum.

Through this passage in Sgozz, the user can both unlock his/her personal Deck and manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs connected to the address.

In particular, the cryptocurrencies used in Sgozz app are the Ethers (ETH) and WETH.

Download Sgozz app from here

How you can connect your wallet to Sgozz

After creating your personal wallet on Metamask, user can connect it to the Sgozz app.

User, after accessing to the app, has to follow these simple steps:

· Go on your user profile;

· Click on the “Wallet” button and then on “Connect”;

· Now on your phone it will open a Metamask window with “WalletConnect”, click on “Connect” sky button;

· At this point, Metamask ask you if you want to “Connect to this site?”.

You have to click “Connect” sky button;

· In the end, you have to click the last "Connect" blu botton.

After these passages, you can manage your #Cryptocurrencies and NFTs in app, seeing your #Tokens in Augmented Reality!

Where can I buy ETH?

Everyone can buy #Ether through the most famous Exchanges (to exchange cryptocurrency) such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bitpanda, using their actual currency.

These are essential to operate on the Ethereum network.

Talking about Coinbase example to buy Ethers, a person can follow these simple passages:

  • Create an account;

  • Verify your identity with a documents;

  • Buy Ethers, paying with your debit card or bank account.

After purchasing the ethers and connecting the wallet, it will be possible to perform all the operations in Sgozz Ecosystem.

How can i get WETH?

WETH (#Wrapped Ether) is an ERC-20 token whose main purpose is to facilitate exchange of aether for other ERC-20 tokens.

This is a very important token on Sgozz as it allows users to bid for NFTs and the English Auction.

If you have ethers in your wallet, you can easily convert them to WETH, via platforms like OpenSea or Uniswap.

The exchange ratio of the two cryptocurrencies is 1: 1, so if I want 10 WETH I will need 10 ETH.

In the case of Uniswap, just enter the two cryptocurrencies and the amount to convert, and finally authorize the operation with Metamask to dispose of the WETHs.

Note: This operation will always require the payment of a gas fee. The first fee will be higher because it is necessary to access the WETH token from your wallet, but the it will be low.

How can i send ETH to another Wallet?

In the SgozzVerse, if you have connected your wallet in the app and you have ETH, you can send them to another user's wallet in a few simple steps.

So, user has to go on his personal profile, following these passages:

  • Click on "Wallet" button;

  • In the Wallet, the user clicks on the red button "Send ETH";

  • Then, Sgozzer just has to confirm the transaction with metamask and the Ethers will come to the other user!

What are you waiting for? Connect your wallet and enter in the NFTs World with Sgozz. #eXtendYourLife


Link download Sgozz App

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