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AR & NFTs - Understand NFTs in less than 3 min!

Introduction to the Question

We all know very well that feeling of experiencing something new for the first time, but also that sense of fear of the unknown and too much complexity that can be frightening.

But very often these feelings disappear in the moment we try the new one, perhaps discovering that we appreciate it.

This is the case, for example, of the use of #AugmentedReality and the #Blockchain network, with #NFTs as protagonists.

Augmented reality is when virtual objects are superimposed on our reality, enriching our real.

NFTs are "digital certificates" based on blockchain technology aimed at uniquely and irreplacably identifying the ownership of a digital product (an image, a video, a GIF, a 3D model and much more).

A solution like Sgozz to combine the world of NFTs with Augmented Reality may see complex at first, but we guarantee that it will be very simple and intuitive.

Our aim is to give users an immersive and personalized experience, making of the #Tokens the absolute protagonists of this new version.

So, users can customize their Real Space with all the virtual elements they prefer!

We will show you how simple it is to interact with the AR ecosystem and NFTs in the SgozzVerse.

Why choose Sgozz

In app, Sgozzers can live that immersive experience in AR with the union of some free and payment services.

We give the maximum value to your virtual assets, that you can use to personalize your Reality!

Free features

Starting from free services to contribute to create an AR experience with NFTs are:

  • To connect Metamask wallet in app: In this way Sgozzer can manage his NFTs and cryptocurrencies. So user can monetize from his assets.

  • AR Visualization: The Visualization in Augmented Reality using Image Tracking, Face Tracking or Markerless is free. Sgozzer can create his personal virtual Art Gallery with a #Marker, an Augmented memory connected to a photo, use their 3D Models to personalize the Reality, and so on.

  • Customize their profile with NFTs: With an NFT from Sgozz Wallpaper Collection is possibile to personalize the profile background in app. The profile photo can be changed using a token or a simple image.

  • Sell an NFT or Collection: Create NFTs or Collections to sell using our showcase, the NFT Discover, so other users can buy your #artworks;

  • GeoPost Creation: The Creation of Augmented Reality content, the GeoPost, which can be located and viewed in specific points of the city, by opening the #GeoCamera and framing the environment. Sgozzers can share their memories, NFTs, reviews and what they prefer with #GeoPosts, in exact points of the city.

Payment features

In the SgozzVerse, the user can perform a series of operations that requires a payment to fully enjoy an immersive and fun experience:

  • Buy an NFT: Going to the NFT Discover page or viewing them from the Deck of other users, the Sgozzer can buy a virtual asset by submitting an offer or with Buy Now. These can be used within the ecosystem as a profile photo, as a background, to be combined with a Marker and see the Token in AR. User can also decide to sell it when he wants;

  • Boost your NFT: Sponsoring their NFTs with the Boost in order to facilitate their sale. To boost your own NFT: Just go to your Deck > Click on the NFT > press the "BOOST!" button, present among the "Actions";

  • Marker Creation: It requires the payment of 0.004 ether. Sgozzer can use his logo, graphic or design as Marker and then connecting the NFT that he wants. So with that Marker, user can connect all NFTs for free, creating original combinations.

Enter now in the NFT world and customize your REAL SPACE with what you prefer!

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