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AR Experiences with Scenes & Games

In this new chapter of the guide on the Sgozz application, we want to introduce you to the news and changes made to our AR Ecosystem.

AR Experiences | Augmented Reality | Scenes & Games | SgozzVerse

In particular, with the release of the new version, a new Home Page was created.

Here, the Sgozzers will find lots of new features, because it is possible to experience Augmented Reality with a click.

Specifically, on the Home Page, users will find a section dedicated to Experiences in AR, another for viewing NFTs with a 3D model and finally one dedicated to SgozzVerse news.

The flagship section of the new version is certainly represented by the Custom Experiences in Augmented Reality, where users can immerse themselves in complex Scenes or participate in Games of various themes.

In this way the experience in the SgozzVerse becomes more and more interactive!

With the release of this new version, on the Homepage, there are both AR Experiences made by us and those created by other companies.

In particular, the Experiences created by us are:

  • ARmchairs: in which users can view various objects related to furniture including Chairs and Sofas in augmented reality in their own home, changing the model with the "Next" button. Furthermore, by clicking on the object it will be possible to be redirected to the Amazon link of the specific object. In this way, users will be able to see the object in their own environment with their own eyes, before buying it. Finally, with the arrow at the bottom left it is possible to bring the 3D Model back to the centre;

  • CelebClash AR: it is a scene where the user will have the images of two celebrities in the upper left and right part of his face. Here, it will be enough for the user to turn his head to the right or to the left to choose your favorite Celebrity. Discover all the matches and choose what you prefer;

  • Zombie and Monster Dance Party: the Sgozzer will have fun watching the dance challenge between Monsters and Zombies, with an exceptional referee, Elvis Presley! Discover all the characters and their dance moves by pressing the "Next 3D model" button. And are you on the side of the Zombies or the Monsters?

But that's not all, because the Sgozzers can also try AR with third-party scenes or games.

Examples include being able to play Tic Tac Toe with another player, creating a Space Portal and going through it, creating an Avatar, playing Memory in AR, and much more.

Furthermore, the Scenes and Games in AR will be updated frequently, to ensure that Sgozzers can always try new Experiences.

In addition to these Experiences, users will be able to experience Augmented Reality by viewing NFTs with a 3D model!

Indeed, in the section called AR with 3D NFT, we have prepared a selection of NFTs with 3D Model to see with Face Tracking or Markerless.

Then, just click on the Model and frame the face to try it with Face Tracking, or place it in the space to see it in Markerless.

Immerse yourself in your Augmented Reality!

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