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Advertise and Boost your NFTs!


An important function in the SgozzVerse, is the possibility to advertise your NFTs with Booster or buying a banner space in the NFT Discover.

We will explain this function in simple steps, so the users can gain more visibility to their NFT Artworks.

With this method you dramatically increase the chances of selling your NFT work!

What are the advantages of the Boost?

User can sponsor one or more NFTs on the Sgozz platform.

The Boost permits the NFTs to reach the top positions of the "NFT Boosted" list and that of the category chosen by the Sgozzer during the boosting.

Both lists are present in the NFT Discover.

This is because on Sgozz there will be various lists of NFT collections, including the “Boosted” one and the five thematic categories on Art, 3D Models, Sports, Photography and Virtual World.

Returning to the #Boost function, the Sgozzer has to insert three values to boost his NFT:


1. Category: it's one of the five thematic categories;

2. Amount: the cryptocurrency offer in Ethers;

3. Expiration: the expiration of the Boost.

The Boost function gives to the NFT a value that grants a privileged position in the two lists.

Obviously, the top positions on these lists are an advantage to sale your NFT, because give more visibility to your #Token.

How can I "Boost" my NFT?

The steps to boost your NFT:

  • Go to your user profile and click on the "Deck" button;

  • Select and click the NFT that you wants to boost;

  • Press the "Booster" button in the Actions;

  • At this point:

- Choose one of the five category lists where the NFT will be inserted (in addition to the boosted list);

- Make an offer in ETH and select an expiration date.

  • Click on the "Boost!" button;

  • Finally, click on “Confirm” in the Metamask window to authorize the transaction.

Note: The Boost value, result of the algorithm, must be as high as possible to reach the top positions in the lists. Some of the factors that affect Boost value are a high supply and a limited expiration.

Once these steps have been completed, the NFT will be sponsored for the period that the user has selected for the boost.

The Boost function requires the payment of a gas fee every time the user decides to use it.


Link download Sgozz App

How is the Booster value calculated?

The Booster value is calculated according to 3 macro areas of interest:

  1. Sgozzer Input: ETH and expiration time are the two values that the Sgozzer can control and decide according to his best degree of satisfaction. The category does not contribute to the value of the boost, but certainly to the competition that occurs in each of them.

  2. NFT Virality: the second area is calculated based on the number of reactions and comments that the NFT has obtained. We remind you that this number is related only to the NFT and not also to the Sgozzer. In fact, when a Sgozzer sells an NFT with many reactions, these are transferred to the total sum of the buyer's reactions!

  3. Sgozzer's Popularity: we define this parameter as democratic. Because it is calculated according to the number of Followers and Following that the Sgozzer has at the time of boosting. This parameter favors those who are not influencers and gives a small penalty to those who are.

How to advertise your collection through banners

As previously mentioned, it is possible to advertise your collection through the advertising banners present in the upper part of the NFT Discover section.

It is possible to contact us at for more information about the periods of availability and prices for sponsorship.


Link download Sgozz App

Enter in the SgozzVerse and take advantage of the AR Ecosystem to add value to your NFT creations! Download the app & #eXtendYourLife

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