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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sgozz?
    Sgozz is an Ethereum blockchain-powered augmented world, where the Sgozzers (users) can create, experience, and monetize content using the NFT tecnology. It is possible to share your contents in precise spatial coordinates in the form of GeoPost or even create and set your own Markers as anchors for viewing your NFTs in AR.
  • What is an NFT?
    An NFT is coined from digital objects as a representation of digital or non-digital assets. For example, an NFT could represent: Digital art: GIF Collectible items 3D models Video Real world articles: Proceedings of a car Tickets to an event in the real world Tokenized invoices Legal documents Signatures Many and many more options to get creative with! ​ NFTs have some special properties: Each minted token has a unique identifier that is directly linked to an Ethereum address. They are not directly interchangeable with other 1:1 tokens. For example 1 ETH is exactly the same as another ETH. This is not the case with NFTs. Each token has an owner and this information is easily verifiable. They live on Ethereum and can be bought and sold on any Ethereum based NFT market. In other words, if you own an NFT: You can easily prove that you own it. Proving that you own an NFT is very similar to proving that you have ETH in your account. For example, suppose you purchase an NFT and ownership of the unique token is transferred to your wallet via your public address: The token proves that your copy of the digital file is the original. Your private key is proof of ownership of the original. The content creator's public key acts as a certificate of authenticity for that particular digital artifact. Nobody can manipulate it in any way. You can sell it and make a profit on the price difference between buying and selling. Or you can keep it forever in the Wallet or display it at home using Markers, knowing that your asset is protected by your Ethereum wallet. And if you create an NFT: You can easily prove that you are the creator. You determine the scarcity. You can earn royalties every time it is sold. You can sell it on any NFT or peer-to-peer market, not just in the Sgozz ecosystem. You are not stuck on any platform and you don't need anyone as an intermediate.
  • What can I do with the application?
    Using the Sgozz App users can create, visualize and set their Marker with Augmented Reality, but also sell, buy, transfert and visualize in AR their NFTs. Not only this! The Sgozzer can share their contents like a GeoPost and visualize them with the AR and they can also publicize their creation like NFT using the Booster.
  • NFT with Augmented Reality
    With the Sgozz App you can view your own NFTs and those of other users in different ways using Augmented Reality. In general there are three different uses that allow you to view an NFT in AR: NFT with 3D Model: if the NFT we are viewing is a 3D model in .obj or .gltf format in the "Actions", the "3D Model" button will be displayed to view the model and place it on a real flat surface NFT with Marker: can use your NFTs as objects to be displayed in AR when a Marker is framed by the camera. In this case you can set your NFTs on the Markers you own or you can view the Deck of your friends and find out which NFTs are viewable. In this circumstance you can view 2D images, 3D models but also videos in AR! NFT as GeoPost: if you own an NFT you can share it in the form of GeoPost by clicking on the appropriate button in the "Actions" tab. Your NFT will be displayed in AR in the form of GeoPost, note that in this case the 2D image is always used. In case of 3D model or video, the preview image is used.
  • Wallet
    Sgozzer can onboard his Metamask Ethereum Wallet directly on the Profile page. With the Sgozz app the user can trasfert ETH to other user, gift, sell and buy his NFTs and a lot of other funzionality! It is necessary to onboard your Wallet in order to view your NFTs and set the Markers. If you don't have a Metamask Wallet you can create it directly on this site, it's very simple and it only takes 3 minutes. Even if you don't have a Wallet, you can always view other users' NFTs and view their Markers too!
  • Marker
    Markers are special images that allow Sgozzers to anchor virtual content on them. When you frame the Marker with the camera, an Augmented Reality item appears on it. Using the Sgozz App, users can set their NFTs as virtual item to be associated with their Markers. Sgozzers who own an NFT from the "Sgozz Avatar Club" collection have the right to be able to create Markers from scratch! But once that the Sgozzer have created all the Markers she/he wanted, he could resell NFT Avatar to make a profit! Even if you no longer have the Avatar you can always set and modify the NFTs anchored on your Markers. Take advantage of this technology to make your home and accessories augmented!
  • Create a new Marker
    Only Sgozzers who own at least one Sgozz Avatar NFT can create new Markers using the Sgozz App. To create a Marker, simply select an image, enter a title and description. But is most important to follow this rules we you are selecting an image that will be a new Marker: A detailed design High contrast in all parts of the image Avoid the use of repetitive patterns Aspect Ratio: Keep to a width-to-height aspect ratio between 4:1 and 1:4 Placed on a flat, matte surface: Placing content on a round / reflective surface can cause tracking instability. Read this article explaining how to select a perfect Marker.
  • GeoPost and GeoCamera
    The GeoPost is nothing more than a classic post that can be geolocated. Geolocation uses GPS coordinates and the Sgozzer can choose a precise point on the Maps to anchor his GeoPost. All Sgozzers less than 100 meters from the GeoPost coordinates can view it in AR using the GeoCamera. In fact, the GeoCamera allows you to view all the GeoPost shared around us! You can create as many GeoPost as you want! The usage scenarios are infinite, in fact through a GeoPost you could share: An unforgettable moment and locate it forever in a precise point. Whenever you are in that place you will be able to view your memory in AR. Maybe walking down a street and viewing the GeoPosts as an augmented reality gallery in motion. A review! Imagine that you are in front of the entrance of a restaurant and before entering you could open the GeoCamera and view all the GeoPosts of previous customers. You may use GeoPost to advertise your works or services in specific places. For example, a tour guide who organizes city tours could place a series of GeoPosts along the entire tour route to offer tourists a unique experience. Basically it is possible to share any content to make it visible in AR to all Sgozzers within a radius of 100 meters from the coordinates of the content. If you find new uses let us know. Enjoy and eXtend Your Life
  • Create new GeoPost
    During the creation of a GeoPost the Sgozzer can decide whether to geolocate it or not. Geolocation is not mandatory to create a GeoPost, but it is necessary to view that GeoPost when you are at the coordinates indicated through the GeoCamera. When you choose to geolocate the GeoPost the alternative is to set the current coordinates of the user with the “Auto-Locate” option or, the second alternative is to select a position on the map. A suggestion is to use the Maps satellite view when choosing the location of the GeoPost, in this way it will be easier to choose the precise positioning point.
  • GeoCamera Precision
    The display and the position of the GeoPost could have a variation of about 5 or 6 meters depending on the performance of the GPS of the device being used. In any case, it is possible to view only the GeoPost placed within a radius of 100 meters from the user.
  • Create a new NFT
    Within the Sgozz application it is not possible to create an NFT for now. To create a new NFT, simply access the site, log in with your Metamask Wallet and navigate to the "Create" section. Once your NFT has been created, it will be immediately visible in the Sgozz App. Creating an NFT is totally free! When creating an NFT on OpenSea it is important to select the Ethereum Blockchain network, currently available in Sgozz.
  • Reactions
    In the app there is the “Reactions” functionality, that is possible reactions to the GeoPost or NFT. The types of reactions are: Lovely: The heart that expresses interest, love; Happy: The smiley face that expresses happiness, cheerfulness; Sad: The face that expresses amazement, sadness; Horrible: The face of a skull that expresses horror, unpleasantness. A further peculiarity is that the reactions are divided between those sent to a Sgozzer and those sent to an NFT. If the reaction is carried out on a GeoPost then it is included in the total of user reactions, but if it is attributed to an NFT it is the latter that owns the reactions. So the Sgozzer who owns an NFT also has all of its reactions. If she/he sells it or transfers it with it she/he also transfers the reactions of the NFT. It is not possible to delete a reaction, only to modify it.
  • NFT Discover
    On the NFT Discover page it is possible to view all the NFTs that pass through the Sgozz App. In particular, in order you will find: The banners of the collections in evidence The row of Top NFTs and Top Collections selected by our team The Bossted NFTs row, that is the NFTs highlighted by the Sgozzers The latest NFTs mined, for sale and auction The categories of NFTs
  • How does the Profile Picture with NFT work?
    Any Sgozzer who has enabled the Metamask Wallet and own at least one NFT can set it as a Profile Picture. When a user opens the detail of the Picture, she/he will display a card indicating that the picture in question is an NFT and showing the details. Any NFT can be set as a Profile Picture and is completely free. An important note on how the Profile Picture works with NFT is that if the Sgozzer transfers the ownership of the NFT to another user, it DOES NOT automatically lose the NFT as Profile Picture, but rather it remains set. The Sgozzer will continue to have the same NFT as a Profile Picture, but by opening the detail you will see that it DOES NOT own the ownership of this NFT. Furthermore, having no longer ownership, the Sgozzer will no longer be able to set it as a Profile Picture because it will no longer be available in the user's NFT list.
  • How does the Profile Wallpaper work?
    To set an NFT as a Profile Wallpaper, simply access the dedicated section on the Wallet page. Also in this case the same logic of the Profile Picture is adopted. In case of sale or transfer of the NFT the Sgozzer continues to have the Wallpaper set. But from the next modification it will no longer be possible to use it because you no longer have it. The reasons for this behavior are in the user's ability to customize the application as she/he prefers. Once the necessary customizations have been made, we give the Sgozzer the possibility to resell the ownership of the NFT and make a profit without losing its customization.
  • How can I modify or delete my GeoPosts?
    Just go to "Profile" and then "Posts". Then click on the desired GeoPost. On the detail page of the GeoPost in the toolbar at the top right there are the trash icons to delete the post and the gear icon to edit it.
  • How can I change my profile information?
    Just go to the "Profile" page, then click the icon with the gray gear symbol at the top right of the screen, update the field of interest and finally click "Save" to save your changes.
  • How can I block or delete a user?
    To perform this action, you need to go to your profile, click on one of the two 'Follower' or 'Following' lists. By swiping the desired user, 3 quick actions appear: The yellow danger icon is used to block the user; The red icon with the trash can is used to delete the user from the list of follower or following; The green icon is used to open that user's profile.
  • How to delete your account?
    To delete your account, simply send an e-mail to requesting its cancellation. The request must be sent from the mailbox with which the user registered. The Sgozz team will remedy the cancellation within 14 days of receiving the request.
  • Buy and Sell NFT
    Within the Sgozz application it is possible to sell and buy NFTs. We are using the Seaport and Wyvern protocol. If it is the first time that the Wallet interfaces with the Ethereum network, it will be necessary to pay a one-time fee to enable the Wallet. See the dedicated section.
  • Fees on Sgozz
    Sgozz does not charge any fees. But in order to interact with the Ethereum network, enable your vollet to operate and therefore sell, exchange and transfer NFTs, it is necessary to pay network fees. In particular, we have two types of commissions: One-time fees Recurring fees. One-time fees There are a few one-time fees you will have to pay when using Ethereum for the first time. These transactions are required to grant certain permissions for your wallet to interact with Seaport. Recurring fees You will pay gas fees on Ethereum when: accepting an offer; transferring (or gifting) an NFT to someone; buying a NFT; buying a Marker; transferring ETH to someone; boosting your NFT.
  • Gas-Free Actions
    These actions do not require gas fees: account and wallet initialization; listing an NFT at a fixed price; listing an NFT in an auction (WETH is only needed when you accept or create an offer); reactions and comments on NFT and GeoPost; share an NFT such as GeoPost; manage own markers.
  • Action not managed by Sgozz
    Some actions are not possible on Sgozz, but it is possible to perform these operations on OpenSea: delete, modify, create an NFT; cancel an offer; wrap ETH in WETH (UNISWAP).
  • NFT Booster
    With the Sgozz app you can advertise your NFTs and reach a higher number of potential buyers for your Crypto Art. Anyone can advertise their NFTs and the activation of the Booster allows you to insert NFTs in the Booster list and in the Category list. The Booster works by producing a parameter: the Booster Value. This value is determined by 3 components: Offer component: the user selects an amount in ETH and a deadline; NFT component: determined by the number of comments and reactions received on it; Sgozzer Component: determined by the Sgozzer based on the relationship between Following and Follower. This last parameter favors the Sgozzers with fewer Followers. Try the Booster, the first democratic advertising algorithm for NFTs!
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