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Blockchain & NFT

Sgozz is a dApp! It communicates with the Etereum Network and uses Opensea's SeaPort protocol to allow all the operations of purchase, sale and much more offered by the Web3 and the Blockchain.

Do you already have a Metamask Wallet?

If yes, simply download the Sgozz App and connect your Wallet to view all your NFTs in Sgozz.

If you don't have a wallet yet, create it now in 1 minute.



To guarantee the ownership and exchange of virtual assets such as NFTs, Sgozzers can authenticate themselves using the most famous of Wallets, Metamask. Necessary to interact with the Ethereum network and ensure all the security of the chain.


The great thing about NFTs is that no matter which project, app or game you earned it, that asset is transferable and viewable in other dApps, such as Sgozz.
In the Sgozz ecosystem any NFT that has been minted on the Ethereum network can be used as a generic asset for Augmented Reality!

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With Sgozz you can buy, sell, create auctions to monetize your NFTs or grab your favorites.
But not only that, you can also transfer your NFTs as a gift to your friends or send ETH without paying any additional fees.


In the Sgozz ecosystem you can advertise your NFTs and highlight them on the Discover screen of the Sgozz App. You decide for how long and at what price.
Participate in the Booster rankings and Categories, highlight your NFTs and maximize your profits.

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Do you want to create your Banner in the App?

Contact us by email or through our social channels to find out how!

4x Click-through rate

The collections and NFTs that are highlighted increase the probability of selling and earning through the community by 400%!

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